Another week of lockdown, another non story. This weekend I didn’t do much painting or research, there was other stuff that needed to be done around the house. We did go out for a relatively long walk (about 12 km), to a couple nearby villages and back.

It was a bright and sunny day, cerulean blue skies (<= no planes), the landscape was almost the backdrop of a Memling painting.

The gate of the ‘haunted castle’: Rusty with a corona virus on top:

The library extends the return date for the books I still have at home automatically according to lockdown extensions issued by the government which is good because I am not done with them yet, a book on Flemish miniatures and a book about paleography. In the book about the miniatures, I found confirmation about my Burgundian colour theory, with some additional ideas to explore. I’m trying to find a copy for keeps because the book is very good with good quality images.

This morning I went out to pick up the library books I reserved last week. It was quite busy in town, with more people about and all sorts of roadworks and maintenance works going on. Even the pop-up artisanal bakery shop was open for a change. I hauled the three heavy books (about Hans, Hugo and Rogier, sounds like the characters from a Grimm tale or the name of a Bavarian folk band) home. Luckily I had taken a trolley with me. I’ve put the books in quarantine until tomorrow though I’m pretty sure they haven’t been in someone else’s hands for the past weeks.

To be continued.