When I said I hadn’t watched any tv, I forgot I watched a short series about Julius Caesar which was quite amusing as he was more like a muscled Marvel superhero and not the rather dour, skinny general with the bony knees I remember from my Latin classes and assorted statues. Cleopatra was very attractive too but maybe a bit too modern as well.

Anyway. Yesterday I found more specific info about the B’s heart in a book about Burgundians (not the Loo one but an older one) so fifteen minutes well spent.

Today I put some more paint on Antoine’s portrait but it still needs a lot of work. I also painted the first layer of a new larger canvas “Animo Inquieto”. It’s basically a progressed version of the drawing of the book incident (not to be confused with the boot incident). I am a bit stuck with the background. I am not very good with backgrounds.

I also made some sketches for Oscar, a painting based on an old photograph of a rather comical actor, I think it’s doable. The actor reminds me of the type of people Frans Hals painted so I guess I’ll try it in that style. Also spent time on the B’s panel portrait. I have decided to use the vdWeyden as a base and use some pictures of real people as guides for the shading, eyes, etc. I am not interested in making an exact copy.

Did some quick sketches over last month. I am not going to make excuses for them. It’s this or nothing. I have tried.

Armour study
John the Baptist after Michaelina
baby brother and me, I was cleaning up my baby album. Trivia:
Sheep’s head
Quick sketch after Memling, as a study for Animo