The Death of Roland

Just some random thoughts/ramblings. I’ve had a headache for days on end, can’t think clearly.

I’m expecting a real lockdown today or tomorrow – could be wrong – so we went out yesterday evening to get some stuff we were out of. A two week supply’s worth, not exaggerating. Maybe that’s a mistake, time will tell. As long as we don’t have to eat the cat… Too much fat.

This morning I reluctantly went on a quick forage in the small supermarket nearby to get some stuff that was no longer available in the other shop yesterday. Wasn’t keen on this but the hamsters are still out and it was already becoming crowded. Toilet paper being dragged out of the shop before the shop assistant was able to store it on the shelves It’s become very difficult to get hold of flour, eggs, and milk. And toilet paper. We’ll see how it goes after this.

Academy is closed. I’m a fourth year student so I have no assignments, can do my own stuff. Am working on some paintings in progress. I already stocked up on materials during the spring holidays because I expected problems. At home I paint with real oils but in the atelier with water soluble oil paints. Normally I leave my art school paint at the academy but last week I took my paint home after each class because there was always a chance that lessons would be cancelled unexpectedly, which is exactly what happened. There was an e-mail that we could pick up our work in progress a couple hours before closure but I missed that so one painting I’m working on is still on the easel. Yeah well, not to mind.

I’ve updated the page with the physical characteristics of Charles the Bold under III in the menu. (What did Charles the Bold look like?) The password has been removed, so the page is accessible now, but it’s a work in progress and additions will be made over time.

Until next time maybe. Life is becoming more and more surreal.