Yesterday I researched a story about Charles the Bold that sounded interesting enough to base a painting on. So I followed the lead and ended up in another maze of dead ends. Once I get to the bottom of this, I’ll have another story for you. Here is something else instead for today.

A while ago I drew a sketch after an illustration by Job for the Loys XI book. The book has really beautiful illustrations in the early 1900’s French style. I don’t onw a copy but there is one online, on the BnF site, I think.

Today I thought I’d get the drawing tablet out and finish it digitally, because I thought that would be easier. Plan is to use it in a short animation film I’m preparing. I don’t know why I thought going digital was a good idea because this small bit took most of the day and it’s still a mess. I’m not even going to mention the cross-eyed face. And my hands shake too much for crisp lines (some weird hereditary feat, not my drinking habit, lol). I went to YouTube to watch some instruction videos about painting with tablets, but the thousands of buttons and options you seem to need, made my brain freeze so I gave up.

Tomorrow I go back to normal oils so I can finish Brexit. At least, I will try.

Stay safe (and wash your hands).