Not a Bold or other treasure hunting post, just some random new WIP. These are the things I am currently working on. Most of them just in the early stages.

1 – Death at Nancy: This one is just a joke. I bought a bad reproduction of a painting but with a nice frame in the thrift shop and added random stuff to it.

2. Agincourt – This is just the first layer. This one is painted in real oils; so I put it aside for now as I am working with Artisan right now.

3. Man with blue hat – Painted a small study of a van Eyck, just to see if it was doable.

4. Parsifal – Just something random I am painting over an unfinished painting that has fallen from grace. I wanted to paint a kitschy pre-raphaelite thingie but it’s turning more into something symbolist. We’ll see how it goes.

5. Another Rogier – First layer, going to paint some more tonight. I still have to watch the dvd’s but I’ve started another small portrait study on black paper. The series has the most amazing hats.