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So here is a description of the tête bottée incident as mentioned before. Taken from an old public domain book. Probably just an urban legend.

Paraphrasing [explaining why Philippe de Comines, in the service of the Duke of Burgundy, defected to Louis XI, the king of France]

Some said Commines bore a grudge against Charles and cite the following event, which is just based on a popular tradition. The prince who was still the count of Charolais went on a hunt with Comines and ordered him to pull off his boots. Comines, offended that he was requested to perform the task of a valet, obeyed the order but then requested the same service of Charles, offended by Comines’ liberty, struck him in the head with his boot. Henceforth Comines would be nicknamed ‘tête bottée’ (booted head).

Isn’t that a perfect name for a craft beer?