View from a room in the castle of Chenonceau

At the moment I’m organising all the information I’ve gathered regarding the quest and writing it down in some sort of report. It is/will be posted under III in the menu. I’ve already drawn up a list of quest objectives and will be adding and updating the information when there is time.

All the while there was one thing that was still bugging me, ie. how some small scribbles on a road sign on the banks of the river Tarn led me to chase a dead duke through medieval Burgundy.

I had already studied the photographs of the two weeks preceding the quest but I hadn’t found anything special. Today I decided to look at them once again and be more thorough.

Soon I found what I was looking for, and more. I managed to link the first day more closely to the quest than I expected.

It’s already late, so the rest will be for the next time.