Battle of Agincourt (source of the miniature: Wikipedia)

So the Jacques are elusive. Yesterday, while clearing out the family archives, I came across a reproduction of an old map with a spelling error on it. Or not a spelling error? Were there two villages with the same name? I really don’t know. It’s just a side quest but most intriguing.

It looks like most of my ancestors came from a quite small area around the language border. It was possible to draw a triangle encompassing the main landmarks. Keeping the hoaxy THBTHG in mind, I drew some lines to determine the centre of the triangle. It turned out to be the Roman tumuli where allegedly the Liege people battled against Charles the Bold. Interesting coincidence. There is very little chance anything interesting is still in those graves. Most of them have been raided a long time ago. Definitely not the Righteous Judges or the Holy Grail. More likely garbage bags.