My painting course is almost done. There is no exhibition due to the virus. It will be postponed until September but I don’t think I will be around for that. Whatever. The past two years have not been a lot of fun because of Covid.

House hunting did not progress much. We are slowly resuming after a complete halt over winter. In the course of one year the prices have exploded and there is only a small fraction of suitable and affordable houses with room for a studio and workshop available nowadays. This year we’ve done a number of drive by viewings and a two inside viewings but it was mostly disappointing. Maybe I should tune down my expectations of a medieval tower, drawbridge and a moat (XD).

Burgundian questing was also bit slow due to the awful weather of the past months and the Covid situation. Working on that.

Reenactment/swordfighting has resumed but too much work on assignments and administrative issues until next week.