III. Reconquering Burgundy

[Under permanent construction…]

In this menu you will find the results of the research I have done regarding some aspects of Charles the Bold’s life and environment.

I’d like to say it all started with a kiss, but in reality it was a painting by Rogier van der Weyden (insert smiley face). Research started two years ago, and every now and then I’ll update my bibliography under The Burgundian Codex.

This is a list of the pages I’ve added so far. There is plenty more planned but none of that is ready for publishing.

The Man in the mirror: Painting the portrait, the physical appearance of Charles the Bold.

The Big Bastard: Biographical facts, anecdotes and observations regarding Antoine de Bourgogne, or Anthony of Burgundy, the half-brother of Charles the Bold.

Jean Rolin VI: An attempt to reconstruct the life of Jean Rolin VI, grandson of Nicolas Rolin, the chancellor of Burgundy.

Reconquering Burgundy: A tour of relevant places in the life of Charles the Bold


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