Quick update of WIP, in between other things. I have been working on my “mood book” because I have to figure out what I’ll be painting during my final two painting class years. Not so easy, tbh, because I know what is expected from me and I’m always meandering. I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. Anyway, what follows are basically sketches and doodles and a half-finished painting. The coming days I want to concentrate on the Bold quest and decluttering/cleaning the house.

Oil painting on paper, with a print, so it has a negative or mirror image.
Matchbox knight.
Just a doodle I made while I was watching an art documentary
Unfinished oil paint sketch on paper. Louis XI, technically my reenactment boss. I might do a regular oil painting on panel. Unfortunately only very bad portrait paintings of Louis exist.
Oil paint on paper doodle of Vanni Marcoux, here not in his role of Charles the Bold but Hamlet
Started a painting of Sebastian but I want to experiment with more abstract/geometric backgrounds.

That’s all for now.