Work done and put away for now. Will probably tweak later on.

Battle of Ilion

Antoine with the arrow (through his head)


Overpainted failed painting (small format).

The Bold riding a Boar

This was for a bet, so not going to spend too much time on it.


Overpainted an old still life of my grandmother with a scene from a documentary about Guido Gezelle. The documentary was filmed at my grandparents’ house.

Nemrut Dagi

Small format. Nemrut Dagi is an old burial place in Greek style somewhere on a mountain in Turkey.

Working on: a small portrait of our cat, Oscar, Monthléry, Eric incapacitated, a small study of Apollo flaying Marsyas by Ribera.

I bought a painting at the thrift store with the intention to paint over it but I probably will keep it the way it is. It looks like a naive Breugel. It is about 50 x 40 cm.

In a couple weeks we have our end of year exhibition. I will post some samples of my paintings around that time. I’m entering my 4th year, so play time is over and I’ll have to raise my standards. I will have to choose a general theme for next year but I already know what I am going to paint.

My back is slowly killing me.