I’ve lost the thread so I’m running into a lot of dead ends in the last branches of the gen-tree’s maze. I’m wrestling with several Jacques (French for Jacob, nb). Jacques 1 is an illigitimate descendant of John II of Brabant. Jacques 2 is a knight who may or may not be related to Jacques 1, and the same goes for Jacques 3 who may or may not be the father of Sibylle. But if Jacques 3 is not the father of Sibylle, who is it? Well, there is a candidate: yet another knight named Jacques. All this is not really part of the sword in the stone except Thierry d’Alsace, it’s driving me crazy anyway.

Resumed research regarding Charles the Bold. Not reading anything in particular.

Been getting inspiration from Henry V with Laurence Olivier.

Sorely neglected my IG account.

Done a lot of painting too but nothing is in a good enough state to be shown.